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A Kaleidoscope Mind

An Observer Of Beautiful Forms

What is A Kaleidoscope Mind? In Greek A Kaleidoscope Mind means an observer of beautiful forms.

When I was a child I made a kaleidoscope as a toy. A simple tube with coloured glass beads inside. It wasn’t much to look at (in fact as I it was made out of an old toilet roll and held together with sticky backed plastic in true Blue Peter style).

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COVID-19 What is the future

Looking To A Brighter Future

If 2020 Was A Film

Okay so let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t exactly been the year that we were expecting.

Looking at the film predictions for 2020, this year may have felt more like Edge of Tomorrow where the only way to get through is by repeating the same day over and over and over and over (I think you get the idea). For many of us life in lockdown felt that way until we saw a glimmer of hope earlier in the year. It is only now though that we are being thrown back into that nightmare of not knowing when this day will end.

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Wedding Photographer - Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Wedding Photography – Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire

Wedding Photography – Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire

It’s been a tough year for any couple wanting to get married. Not only have they had the stress of organising the wedding, this year those happy couples have also had the pressure of reduced numbers and changing dates caused by the coronavirus.

For some the reduced numbers have been too much…

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Headshot Photographer - Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

How Do You Prepare For Your Acting Headshots?

Your Headshot = Key Marketing Tool

For an actor your headshot, along with your showreel, are so important to getting in front of a casting director. With your headshot being your key marketing tool it is important that you prepare yourself to get the most out of your headshot photography session.

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Wedding Photographer | Bedfordshire | Luton | Milton Keynes | Bedford

Is A Midweek Wedding The Way Forward For 2021?

The Race Is On For 2021 Wedding Dates

I think it would be safe to say that the 2020 wedding season has been crippled by the coronavirus epidemic which has forced most couples to postpone their weddings until 2021 or even later.

Put these wedding couples together with those who had already planned on having their wedding in 2021 it is already looking like 2021 is going to be a very busy time for weddings and wedding photographers. For my wedding couples I am already seeing the bank holiday weekends booked up and the traditional summer wedding weekends are also filling up fast.

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COVID19: Doom & Gloom Or A Fresh Start For Photographers?

COVID19: Doom & Gloom Or A Fresh Start For Photographers?

Is The Forecast Grey And Cloudy For Photographers

As I’m sat here I’m looking out of my photography studio window waiting for the weather man to be proven right. The forecast this morning isn’t looking good and apparently rain is on it’s way (so much for the good old British summer).

With the rise of COVID19 is this also the forecast for photographers? If you believe everything you read on social media and from what some photographers are saying you could be mistaken for thinking that this is the case, and rightly so.

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Author Headshot Photographer - Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Who Is The Author? Show Them With A Headshot.

An Author Headshot = Key Selling Tool

Is an author headshot really needed? Once you have written a book. It’s easy to think that is all you need to do to become the next J K Rowling.

Any published author, especially those self-publishing, will tell you that writing a book is only the start of the journey. These days there is so much more it it than just that and your headshot is more valuable that simply an image on the cover.

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Rankin - Selfie Harm Project

How Much Editing Is Too Much For A Headshot?

Edit Or Not To Edit A Headshot

Editing a headshot is one of those questions that has been going around since headshot photography started (whenever that was). Editing is also the main difference between headshot photography and portrait photography.

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Estate Agent Headshot Photography Studio | Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes | Bedfordshire

How Can An Estate Agent Headshot Boost Client Confidence?

It’s A New Digital World

Only one person at a time, wash your hands, wear a face mask. These are some of the ways that estate agents are adopting to a new way selling homes in a predominantly online new world. How else though can you give your clients that extra confidence that will make that difference between making a sale or having a ‘no show’ for a viewing?

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Wedding Photography - St Albans & Abbots Langley

Wedding Photography – St Alban & Abbots Langley

The Gatehouse, St Albans

The registry office in St Albans (The Gatehouse) is becoming one of my most popular venues to visit as a wedding photographer and one that I always love going back to. Not only is The Gatehouse a fantastic venue the staff are great as well.

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Christopher Hall - Professional Photographer - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

The Positive Effect Of COVID-19 And The Lockdown On My Photography

COVID-19 Lockdown For Me As A Photographer?

For me as a photographer the lockdown, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hard. It has been an endless struggle of loneliness, stress and worry. It has had me, at times, almost in tears not wanting to get out of bed. I lost my creativity and didn’t know what was happening with the business that I had struggled to start from literally nothing just over five years ago.

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What Are You Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?​

What Are You Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?

This Is Your Opportunity

With so many new wedding photographers coming on the scene every year along with the current conditions many photographers are having to have a good look at what they are offering their wedding couples.

I would like your help to give these wedding photographers the information that they need to create wedding packages and services that are created around what the wedding couple would like, and not the wedding photographer.

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