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A Teacher's Perspective.

An Award Winning Teacher

Okay, so you could argue that all teachers should be award winning, well maybe there could be one or two exceptions like those teachers in that David Walliams book. Don’t panic I don’t get paid for that link or do I have any affiliation with David Walliams or Amazon. The truth is though that most teachers are great. I would even go say far as saying that you can remember at least one teacher from your school.

There are many reasons for a teacher to want to have a headshot photography session. It could be, dare I say it, that they are looking for another job or a change in career. Perhaps they have won an award and need a headshot photograph to go with an article about them.

It could also be that they simply want to update their headshot for social media or their profile picture. Whatever the reason I always looking forward to getting teachers in the studio (as long as I don’t end up getting another detention).

A Bronze Award For This Teacher

This teacher was great in the studio. She would have got a gold star (if I had any) just for being prepared with a change of outfit.

As with all of my headshot photography clients I like to be able to enter their images into the monthly competition by The Guild of Photographers. The competition is great way for me to ensure that I am giving my clients the standard of images that they deserve. This teacher did not let me down and enable me to keep up my ratio of gaining an award from each of my headshot photography sessions in the studio.


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