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A Kaleidoscope Mind

An Observer Of Beautiful Forms

What is A Kaleidoscope Mind? In Greek A Kaleidoscope Mind means an observer of beautiful forms.

When I was a child I made a kaleidoscope as a toy. A simple tube with coloured glass beads inside. It wasn’t much to look at (in fact as I it was made out of an old toilet roll and held together with sticky backed plastic in true Blue Peter style).

The magic though happened when I stopped looking at the kaleidoscope from the outside. When I looked beyond the surface of cardboard and Sellotape. It was when I held that kaleidoscope up to my eye and at what was happening inside that I found it’s real beauty.

I spent many happy hour watching the different patterns that this tube of rubbish would create. To me what I was seeing was treasure. Someone else though only saw rubbish and I was devastated when I found out it was thrown away.

Fine Art Prints

I will be producing these images and more as fine art prints and downloads for sale.
Take Me To A Kaleidoscope Mind

Take A Different View... Take Your View

All too often our views on things are styled by what we have been taught. Either consciously or subconsciously we take on the views and opinions of those around us. With a constant barrage from the people around us. The television sets that we sit in front of, the music we listen to, social media, magazines, books, even those few people that we trust. Even without meaning to all of these factors that surround us can condition our minds to the way that the society around us thinks.

There are many topics that could be discussed where we feel that we have our own views on. How many of us though, if we were really honest with ourselves, could say that our views our truly our own?

Black or white skin..? Should we eat meat..? Am I too fat..? I don’t fit in..?

What Do You See?

To some the images within the A Kaleidoscope Mind are simply a mess. Just coloured paint poured over a motionless mannequin head.

To others though they inspired individual thoughts about what the images were saying.

For some it was the colour of the skin, to others it was the patterns that the colours were making. Was it an image of joy or did it portray a vision of underlying turmoil?

The idea behind A Kaleidoscope Mind is not to tell you what is in each image. It is to let you see what each image means for yourself.

Don’t just glance at the images, pick them up. Look inside each image and see what treasure you can see inside, just as I did with my kaleidoscope.

I can't stop looking at this image, it's amazing! The colours are so strong and positive but the forehead area with the 'brain storm' and frown, and the melting drips, suggest some level of turmoil.

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