COVID-19 Weddings can be wonderful weddings.


Wedding Photography - Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire

It’s been a tough year for any couple wanting to get married. Not only have they had the stress of organising the wedding, this year those happy couples have also had the pressure of reduced numbers and changing dates caused by the coronavirus.

For some the reduced numbers have been too much and they have postponed their weddings until next year, or later. For those happy couples that have managed to reduce their numbers the decision has created some beautiful and intimate weddings. Weddings just like this one which I attended at Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire in August.

The couple had been through a tough time arranging the wedding. They not only had to reduce the numbers and change the date, they also had to find a new church.

It was only a relatively short journey for me through the countryside around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to Bledlow Ridge so I arrived in plenty of time to have a look around the church before going to meet the bride and some other family members at their home before the wedding.

After settling down it wasn’t long before the bride came downstairs to join us ready for the short walk to St Paul’s church. It was great to see the neighbours out lining the road, offering words of encouragement, to the bride as she walked along.


A Church Wedding - COVID-19 Style

It has to be said it did seem a bit strange photographing the wedding and seeing all the guests with their masks on. They didn’t seem to mind though as after all it was only going to be for the church ceremony. It was only the vicar and of course the bride and groom who got away without having to wear the mask. Although the masks didn’t hamper the service in anyway they did present one challenge that I hadn’t come across before. With the mask on the view finder on my camera kept misting up. Good job I use two cameras though as all I needed to do was swap cameras when I got to the stage where I couldn’t see.

Other than my camera misting up, and one of the flower girls getting her hair caught in her hairband, the service went without a hitch. From a personal point of view the service seemed even more intimate with fewer numbers. 

With the wedding ceremony complete it was time to go outside again and to get those masks off ready for the group photographs, and of course the throwing of the confetti and the wedding bouquet.


The Bride & Groom - West Wycombe Park

While the guests headed back to the house to get ready for the reception it was time for the Bride and Groom to escape for a short while by themselves. Well almost by themselves, they did have me following them with my camera.

They had thought about where they would like their Bride and Groom photos and had settled on West Wycombe Park. The park is own by the National Trust and for a donation they had given us access to their grounds via a private gate. With the grounds to ourselves, apart from a fisherman and a few birds on the lake, we were able to walk around surrounded by the stunning views.

It also meant that the happy couple were able to enjoy some valuable time on their own before joining their guests again back at the house for the speeches and a BBQ.

Such a great day and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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