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Is A Midweek Wedding The Way Forward For 2021?

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The Race Is On For 2021 Wedding Dates

I think it would be safe to say that the 2020 wedding season has been crippled by the coronavirus epidemic which has forced most couples to postpone their weddings until 2021 or even later.

Put these wedding couples together with those who had already planned on having their wedding in 2021 it is already looking like 2021 is going to be a very busy time for weddings and wedding photographers. For my wedding couples I am already seeing the bank holiday weekends booked up and the traditional summer wedding weekends are also filling up fast. 

With Saturdays and Sundays already being booked it would appear that a midweek wedding is now that preferred choice. For some reason it would also seem that Thursday is now the new Saturday (going by my bookings that is).

It may not just be that the weekends are already booked that is causing wedding couples to decide on a midweek wedding. It could also be that many venues offer midweek bookings at a lower rate, something which is very welcome after COVID19 has caused so much financial confusion.

Whatever the reason it does mean that the 2021 wedding season is going to be a busy time for wedding photographers like me. If you are looking for a wedding photographer you may need to get your date in the diary soon.

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The Wedding Party Hangover

For the time being it would appear that the traditional wedding party may have been halted with the numbers for wedding guests being restricted to 30 people. It would also seem that as more and more restrictions are lifted (and as I write this the possible COVID19 vaccine) the numbers for guests may begin to return to normal during the course of 2021. 

While this is great news for the wedding industry it could also cause a headache for other businesses, literally, with the more wedding couples opting for a midweek wedding. Guests will want to help those wedding couples celebrate their new lives together with the usual ‘dancing’ (come on Dad’s are going to be on the dance floor).

The downside to all these midweek weddings would be for those guests who aren’t able to book a days holiday after the wedding. Could this also see a rise in posts on Facebook for ‘the ultimate hangover cure’?  

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Good News For Smaller Wedding Venues

The other upside to all this is the rise is the number of enquiries to smaller wedding venues. With the numbers for wedding guests being restricted the larger venues are taking the hit. Wedding couples just don’t need all the space that the larger wedding venues provide. 

If this trend continues it could also mean a rise in other venues being used for the reception and more wedding couples preferring for the DIY approach. As a wedding photographers I have already seen a rise in the number of brides (and grooms) who are now booking village halls and other venues which offer outdoor space.

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What Will A 2021 Wedding Look Like

It is still too early to properly predict what a 2021 wedding will look like, however, the signs are looking good. Couples still want to get married and are happy to adapt to the new midweek weddings.

If I was to give my prediction based on what I am seeing here is what I would say:

  • Civil Ceremonies will increase midweek
  • Smaller venues will be popular with wedding couples
  • DIY wedding will become more popular
  • Smaller wedding parties will happen in 2021 with a larger party taking place for the 1st year wedding anniversary
  • Wedding photographers will be VERY busy

A Word From The Photographer

If you are looking to find a wedding photographer for 2021 it would be great to hear from you.

To find out more about what I offer as a wedding photographer why not have a look at what I do.

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