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Who Is The Author? Show Them With A Headshot.

An Author Headshot = Key Selling Tool

Is an author headshot really needed? Once you have written a book. It’s easy to think that is all you need to do to become the next J K Rowling. 

Any published author, especially those self-publishing, will tell you that writing a book is only the start of the journey. These days there is so much more to it than just that and your headshot is more valuable than simply an image on the cover.

Being an author is all about the way that you, or your agent, market yourself. This means you need to be seen both offline and online.

Author Headshot Photographer - Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

What Does An Author Headshot Do?

Your author headshot is more than just a selfie. Your headshot is the gateway to making that all important connection between you and your readers.

Your headshot shows your readers how serious you are as an author which leads to building trust between you and your reader. It defines the message that you want to create and shows you at your best.

Before you go off, grab a camera and start taking a selfie there is a word of caution because done incorrectly your headshot can do more harm than good.

Is A Headshot A Success Story?

Have you ever looked online and found a photo of another author and thought to yourself, “They must be successful?” Or have you looked for an authors profile and not found a headshot, only to be left thinking, “Perhaps they are not as well known as I thought?”

That is the power of your headshot, it can control the perception that your readers, and those just looking, will have of you. How does that help you as an author? People as a whole feel more comfortable with someone who they can trust. Someone who has already been tried and tested. If you are an unknown, or come across as one, your potential new readers may shy away and find an author who is more successful.

Your Headshot Is Your Signature

Can you remember the days when readers would queue up outside a bookshop so that they could meet the author and get their copy of your book signed?

In this new world it may be that those times have changed. It may be some time before those queues begin to return. You may still be able to print your signature inside the front cover, however, how will your readers be able to meet you and know what you look like?

Meet The Author

It was my pleasure this week to have an author, Nicholas Halliday, in my headshot studio. 

The first part of our time together was spent discussing the impression that he wanted to give to his clients and readers. With the vision decided on it was then time to start selecting the background and the lighting that we had chosen. 

Working, as I do in the studio, we worked together in small batches to review the photos as we went along. This way of working with headshots means that we can address together any challenges and my clients get the photos that they want.

It didn’t take long after we got settled and before long we had a selection of images for us to choose between. The result of this approach to headshot photography meant that my client went home knowing which images he would receive and I could save time by knowing exactly which images I needed to edit.

Did this way of working help? I think so as my client had their headshots, all edited by the end of the day.

Are You An Author Looking For A Headshot?

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