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How Can An Estate Agent Headshot Boost Client Confidence?

Estate Agent Headshot Photography Studio | Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes | Bedfordshire

It’s A New Digital World

Only one person at a time, wash your hands, wear a face mask. These are some of the ways that estate agents are adopting to a new way selling homes in a predominantly online new world. How else though can you give your clients that extra confidence that will make that difference between making a sale or having a ‘no show’ for a viewing?

“She stood on the pavement nervously looking around her at the new surroundings. It was her first time here, she didn’t know the area, or the people who lived here. As her head darted around she spotted a man getting out of a car down the road. She stood there unable to move, was this the man that she had been waiting for? Was this the man that she had been told would been meeting her in these unknown surroundings. 

She watched as the man took a bag out of the car and started walking towards her. ‘This could be him,’ she thought as she slowly took a few steps towards this stranger.

The man looked at her briefly before turning to enter a house further down the road. It wasn’t the man she was waiting for. Reluctantly she looked around her before checking the message on her phone.

David, that was who she was meeting in these strange surroundings. A name, that was all that she had been given by the estate agents. Feeling uncomfortable she looked at her watch. She would give this David another 5 minutes and then if he hadn’t turned up she would retreat to somewhere she felt more comfortable.”

First Impressions Count

Online viewings, the ability to book a viewing online or over the phone. The way that we look at property has changed making it easier for your potential house buyers to start their new property journey from the comfort of their home as they sit with a nice cuppa (or whatever they choose to drink).

Should that first impression stop there though? That first moment your clients see a selection of images of a property isn’t going to ‘seal the deal’. It’s what happens next that really counts.

Estate Agent Headshot Photography Studio | Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes | Bedfordshire

Make Your Clients Comfortable

With restrictions in place it isn’t so easy to bring your clients into the office so they can sit and have a cuppa while you introduce yourself and show them a few other properties that you have available. More and more the first time that you meet them will be at the property.

It’s common practice to send out an email confirming who your customer will be meeting and when. You may have also included the details of the new procedures that need to take place, washing hands, face masks and social distancing.

So your client now knows who they will be meeting, when and what they should expect. Is that all your client needs to have to put them at ease and in a positive mood for looking at the property? 

I know from my own perspective about that moment when I’m stood in a car park waiting for a client. I know their name and what time I’m meeting them. It has been known though for me to walk up to a complete stranger on a few occasions asking them if they are the people that I am going to be working with. That feeling of not knowing does not help me to get focused on what I am there to do. To make it worse there has been the times where my clients turn up and I’m talking to someone else. Does that give them the impression that I am committed to them?

The feeling of the unknown does not make me or my client feel comfortable.

Make That First Impression First

It’s moments like these where you need to be ahead of your competition. It’s the moment where you can make that first impression before that first meeting and give your client the extra security that will make them feel more comfortable.

In this new digital era it will take a client six attempts before wanting to contact you. If you make any contact with potential clients more personal this could be lower increasing your opportunity to introduce them to the right home. Breaking this cycle and reducing the number of attempts not only increases your chances of make the sale but also reduces the amount of time you spend finding a purchaser for each property.

A professional headshot isn’t just a face to put on your website or social media to make it look good. A professional headshot is a valuable first step to gaining your clients confidence even before that first meeting.

Go back to the story before. Imagine how different the woman would feel if she had already seen the friendly face of the man she was going to meet. She wouldn’t have started to get worried about the area she was potentially moving to. Instead she would have had the extra confidence of know that someone was coming who she already knew the face of.

Instead of getting worried as she scanned the faces of those who walked by she would have had the security of knowing exactly who she was looking for because instead of that email just giving a name it had a headshot as well.

It Doesn’t Stop There

It doesn’t need to be your client viewing a potential property to buy either, it could also be those who want to sell their property. With so much fraud going on at the moment some people are even getting worried about answering the door to a stranger.

It is all to easy to walk up to someones door and produce a fake ID card. A professional headshot would provide your client the extra confidence they need to sell through you even before you have valued their property.


Has This Got You Thinking You Need A Headshot?

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Estate Agent Headshot Photography Studio | Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes | Bedfordshire

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