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As a commercial photographer I would say that it is an ideal way to get a set of photographs to help promote your business. As a small business owner myself, I would say that commercial photography is more than ideal, it’s an essential tool that gets you in front of your clients. As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Commercial photography not only shows off your products or services it helps you engage with your clients.

As a commercial photographer I have worked alongside some amazing clients (including Honda, Ruth Mastenbroek Perfumer, Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, Key Surgical & Inspired Agents (to name a few) on a range of projects from headshots and product photography to covering events and corporate days. 

In most cases I am more than able to work within your budget and tight deadlines. Why not have a look at the range of services that I offer and contact me to see how I would be able to help your business.



Product Photography

As a small business myself it has always baffled me why when I look at commercial and product photography websites it is always the big businesses that get the discounts for commercial and product photography. If you have spent time searching the internet for a product photographer before you came upon my website you would probably have already seen prices shown as being from ‘X’ amount only to find that you need to have over 100 products to qualify.

Why though should this be the case? Why should you have to pay more because you are a small business? As a small business you should be getting extra support. The way that I see it is that if I have one large commercial client with one hundred products or one hundred small businesses with one product each, I still have one hundred products to photograph. The price therefore should still be the same.

It is through requests from small business clients that I started my commercial and product photography and these are the people that I aim to provide my support for. If I am able, I will find a way to provide help for those small businesses around me and will continuously find ways that we can work together to become stronger as community of small businesses not struggle as an individual business.


How It Works

I have tried to make the process for my product photography as simple as possible:

Book Your Photography

Contact me for a quote and to arrange your product photography

Send Your Products

Send your products via your preferred method

Products Photographed

On receipt of your products I will then arrange to photograph them and edit your images

Download Your Images

Once you have your gallery you are then able to download your product images

Standard Product Photography

Standard product photography on a plain background (ideal for Amazon, ebay or Etsy)


(per image)


(set of 4 from single product)

Creative Product Photography

Want to be more creative with your product photography?

Why not send me the details of what you are looking for so we can work out a price for you.



(per image)

Headshot or Portrait Photography

Business headshot or portrait photography is as the saying goes ‘like Marmite’. You either love it or hate it. For years many businesses have just thought of it as simply a profile picture or a way of adding content to a website that will hopefully make them appear more friendly.

That really isn’t the case anymore though. Now more than at any other time clients are looking online to find services to use or shops to buy from. Your business headshot or portrait is now not only a key selling tool it is also a major part of customer service and security for your clients. People are, by nature, sociable and like to see who they are talking to. Since I started my photography business back in 2015 I have come to realise that my brand isn’t my logo or the colours I use on my website. The brand for any business is the people whose blood, sweat and tears (along with the joy and happiness) go into that business. It is the people behind that business who make it work, and that is what your clients want to see, the people behind your business. 

You, your brand, is what gives your clients the trust factor they need to do business with you.

In addition to your clients trust your headshot gives your clients that extra sense of security that they deserve. In a world where we are now having to work remotely and go out to visit clients this really is the case. 

If you are looking to give your clients that extra confidence and security they deserve why not contact me today to book your headshot or portrait photography. 

Individual Sessions


(per individual)

It’s as simple as that. £25.00 is all it will cost you to book your headshot or portrait experience in the studio. 

It doesn’t matter if you you spend 20 minutes or 2 hours the price for your studio experience is still £25.00. Bring one outfit or twenty… The cost of your headshot or portrait photography is still the same.

Group Or Team Headshots

If you are looking for your group or team to be photographed please contact me so that I can work out the best possible price for you.

Group or team headshots can also be taken at your office or place of work to keep disruption for your business to a minimum.

Other Commercial Photography

Perhaps you have got your sights on something more exciting for your commercial photography. Whether it’s a corporate day out out or you cooking in your kitchen, whatever your business needs why not contact me to see if I can help with your commercial photography.

I offer competitive rate for both a half or full day of photography along with quick turnaround times.



(half day)


(full day)

Studio Location

Ridgmont Heritage Centre, Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, MK43 0XP

My studio is based upstairs in the Heritage Centre at Ridgmont Railway Station and nestled within comfortable distance from Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes.

If you haven’t heard of Ridgmont, Bedfordshire before it’s where Woburn Safari Park and Woburn Forest Center Parcs are both hidden away. The Heritage Centre is the old railway station house so to find it just follow the signs for the railway station.

If you are driving the studio is about 2 minutes away from Junction 13 off the M1. 

You could also catch the train from either Bletchley, Bedford or any of the other stops along the Marston Vale line.

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Book Your Headshot Or Portrait Today

Book Your Headshot Or Portrait Today