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It’s YOUR headshot or portrait photography session. From the moment you contact me I want you to be a part of the experience of creating an image that is more than just a photograph… An image that shows the real you, the way you want to be seen.

I have been asked for a headshot or portrait for many different reasons over the years from profile images, website content, acting or modelling portfolios even a photograph to frame on the wall (I have even had one person who wanted some photos for a dating website). Whatever your reason for wanting a headshot or portrait, my aim is to provide you with the results that you are looking for.

Before Your Session

Your experience begins even before you walk through the studio door.

It’s time for you to start searching through instagram (or anywhere else) for the style of image that you would like. Start pulling those clothes out of the wardrobe and decide what to wear. Even use this as your excuse to go and get the makeup out if you want to. 

Decide what you would like and let me know (in case there is anything I need to get prepared).

At Your Session

First of all, forget the clock because you aren’t going to need it. Unlike some other headshot and portrait photographers, you are not booking a time slot, you are booking your headshot or portrait photograph session. We will take as long as it takes to get the images that you are looking for.

At the start of your session there is no need to pose. It’s time for you to get to know to the camera, as we quickly go through a few different basic lighting techniques to see which you prefer and what suits you best.

Throughout your headshot or portrait photography session, I will be working with my camera linked to my computer to allow us to see the images as they are taken (no more looking at a small screen on the back of a camera). 

I will take quite a few photographs throughout the session (usually around 100) and we will review the images at regular intervals to ensure you are getting what you want. At the end of the session, we will then select the final images (normally around 15) that you would like editing to go in your personal online gallery.

After Your Session

It’s time for you to relax and for me to get to work editing your images.

The level of editing really depends on what you are looking for. For a natural looking headshot I will be editing out all of those little bits that we didn’t spot during your session, or removing any skin blemishes that wouldn’t normally be there. I will even tidy up those stray hairs that always seem to have a mind of their own.

Editing your portrait could be a more in depth depending on the result you are looking for. Skin softening or making those eyes really sparkle, colour or black and white, just let me know what you are looking for and I will aim to meet your expectations.

As soon as your headshot or portrait images are ready, I will create your gallery for you and email you a link for you to access it. Once you have your headshot or portrait gallery all you need to do is grab yourself a cuppa (or something stronger) and sit down with your feet up while you make your final selection.

Your images will even be delivered to you without you needing to get up (unless you order prints) so you can finish off your cuppa.

Headshot or Portrait Photography

Doesn't Need To Cost The Earth

I will always remember one of my first headshot photography clients as it taught me a very important lesson. I don’t know who the person in front of will become.

At the time Jessie Dipper was being mentored by a friend of mine as a songwriter and singer. In just 4 years Jessie has now gone on to become an award winning songwriter and singer. She has featured on the BBC, Birmingham Music Awards and Open Mic UK. She has even been flown over to Marrakech to work on a collaboration for Love Island USA which was cut by SONY.

That though is the real beauty of my position as a headshot and portrait photographer, I get to meet people and help them on their way to becoming who they want to be. I love the opportunity of being there for anyone who is looking for a headshot or portrait and I don’t want to be the one who holds anyone’s dreams back because they can’t afford a good quality headshot or portrait.

As a qualified and award winning headshot and portrait photographer I could ‘command’ a higher rate for my photography. It is my choice however to make my services affordable to everyone. I don’t do this by skimping on the service, in fact this is where I go beyond a typical headshot or portrait photography session. I am able to provide these lower prices by working smarter and not having a large high street studio. 

To help even further the whole process for your headshot or portrait photography experience is paperless (unless you want to order prints) so it really doesn’t cost the earth.

How Much Is A Session?


(per individual)

It’s as simple as that. £25.00 is all it will cost you to book your headshot or portrait experience in the studio. 

It doesn’t matter if you you spend 20 minutes or 2 hours the price for your studio experience is still £25.00. Bring one outfit or twenty… The cost of your headshot or portrait photography is still the same.

Location sessions are also available on request.

(Price subject to location and distance from the studio)

How Much Are The Images?

That really depends on how many images you would like, however you don’t need to decide just yet. Wait until you have seen them first and then decide.

3+ Images


(per image)

5+ Images


(per image)

10+ Images


(per image)

Studio Location

Ridgmont Heritage Centre, Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, MK43 0XP

My studio is based upstairs in the Heritage Centre at Ridgmont Railway Station and nestled within comfortable distance from Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes.

If you haven’t heard of Ridgmont, Bedfordshire before it’s where Woburn Safari Park and Woburn Forest Center Parcs are both hidden away. The Heritage Centre is the old railway station house so to find it just follow the signs for the railway station.

If you are driving the studio is about 2 minutes away from Junction 13 off the M1. 

You could also catch the train from either Bletchley, Bedford or any of the other stops along the Marston Vale line.

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Headshot Photographer - Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

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